Steve Corrick tosses his hat into the ring

A conversation about growth, innovation & strategies for large organizers.

LOS ANGELES, CA – Steve Corrick North American CEO of Comexposium joins The Big Top.

Comexposium is one of the world’s leading event organizers and is involved in more than 170 B2C and B2B events across 11 different markets. This independent organizer hosts more than 3 million visitors and 45,000 exhibitors in 26 countries around the world.

Previously, Steve held several leadership positions at UBM including Senior Vice President. He was at the center of key strategic initiatives encompassing event launches, acquisitions and key partnerships in events and media.

With his powerful combination of capabilities, Steve has recently lead strategies to acquire the ad:tech event portfolio and MFV Expositions.

In discussion with Steve, we will explore the topics of growth, innovation, and strategies that large organizers might consider while keeping core operations intact:


  • Focus and attention is internal, not external
  • Emphasis tends to be on existing business models and on technologies with existing expertise – converging technologies or adjacencies ten to be ignored and breakthrough thinking is punished
  • Reliance on innovation from inside rather than outside


  • Educating senior leadership & board
  • Partner with, invest in or acquiring disruptive technology
  • Embrace the idea of radical change
  • Hire a “black ops team”

Steve will also share his perspective on our annual question:  WHAT ESTABLISHED IDEA IN THE LIVE EVENT INDUSTRY IS READY FOR RETIREMENT?

Please join us here this Wed. Nov 15 from 3p – 430p PT.   Password:  Member

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