About me

Hello! I’m Todd.

I am the co-founder of TENTPOLE based in Los Angeles.

Prior to TENTPOLE, I’ve been consulting under, theTODDco where I work in the live event industry to solve problems, identify opportunities, and design meaningful experiences that grow events and delight participants. 

My agenda here is to reflect on the many experiences I’ve had in my career—as a promoter of seminars, building an event portfolio business, fundraiser, company acquirer, CEO and as a solopreneur in the industry of convening people.

I’ll use this blog to share what I’ve learned and believe to be true, provide a sharp opinion, and generally contribute to the dialog around unlocking growth and innovation in the live event industry.

You can learn more about what I did prior to TENTPOLE by checking out my LinkedIn profileYou can also follow me on Twitter.