“Open Sourcing” Patterns

“Open sourcing” patterns of early-stage ventures in the live event industry

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Gerard Casale, Managing Partner/Co-Founder, TYLT Ventures joins us under The Big Top this week.

Gerard is an “early stage” venture capitalist and former securities lawyer that has led over $1b in capital formation over the past 25 years. He founded TYLT Ventures in 2013 and has made over 40 investments.

We will “open source” his perspectives, share the challenges, and yes, even vent on frustrations across these early-stage investments:


Event Farm is an enterprise event marketing platform: invitation, guest registration, and digital activation designed specifically to promote brands and engage targeted audiences at events.


TodayTix is an international ticketing platform on a mission to redefine the way people see theater.


VNTANA builds scalable hologram systems for brands that create engaging experiences that generate leads and real-time data on consumers.


BeautyCon is the global hub for the emerging digital fashion and beauty industry, connecting online and offline experiences for digital influencers and their fans.


Battlefy is a platform used by game developers/publishers, players, and brands to manage and scale eSports live event competitions and leagues.


Tixr is a revolutionary new ticketing solution that is design-focused, user-friendly, scalable, and collects rich data.


Pogoseat provides seat upgrades and VIP upgrades for live events. They build upgrade technology for sports teams, musicians, and venues so they can deliver the best fan experience.

In discussion with Gerard, we will explore the mental models, patterns and factors that predict startup success and what doesn’t.

Join us HERE Wednesday, Nov 22 from 3p – 430p PT for a real Thanksgiving treat! (Oprah after the show to follow) *

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