Solve Anything Creatively


Thanks to the team at Gapingvoid for this image and how they inspire creativity. Love their work…

Our community had a conversation last night around creative problem solving and I wanted to do a brief post mortem. It will help me in an attempt to build rhythm going into the one year anniversary of TENTPOLE.

I think a lot about creative intelligence and lack of that capability in the live event industry. I’m constantly on the hunt for guys like Chip Conley, Founder + Editor-In-Chief  of Fest300 who are doing creative work in our industry.  (Fyi – Fest300 announced a “merger” with Everfest this week.) Details are here.

Our weekly conversation started with the question/idea of where organizers should focus to make their events more innovative, adaptive, and creatively competitive?

This question is important.  It is important because the reliability of any growth opportunity is only as strong as a company’s’ ability to contribute to (creative) problem solving for its customers.

We generously invite you to bring us your problems.



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