Information accelerates everything


One of the most wicked problems plaguing the live event industry is slow feedback loops.  The long annual cycles between events works against “failing fast’ and risk taking.  Both of which drive growth and innovation.

I don’t believe organizers have found the repeatable capabilities or any system that helps to embrace smaller and faster learning loops (or experiments) when validating something new.  Am I wrong?

As we focus on this problem building TENTPOLE, here is what we are thinking about as we design our value proposition.   TENTPOLE needs to design for:

Breadth.  How do we pull information from diverse ring clusters!?

Timing.  We may not be the first to hear information, but will be the first to introduce information to another ring cluster.

Translation.  We will develop strategy in translating one ring’s knowledge into another’s insight.

Combined these three advantages create an unfair vision advantage to see, create, and pursue growth opportunities with velocity.